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Energy Day Brașov

It is the place to meet experts and stakeholders from the public and private energy sector – they will discuss energy-related issues, focusing on topics such as renewable energy, regulatory changes in public consultations, market trends and new technologies.

The European Union has published the Green Deal concept, the upcoming Fit for 55 Package and by July 2021 the directive on prosumers has to be implemented in all European Union countries – all of this is setting ambitious goals for Europe reducing carbon emissions. 

Who is there?

Repom is expecting about 150 to 200 participants in this event, statistics based on the presence in previous editions of Energy Day Brașov. There will be a mix of mainly three types of participants:

  • about 50% from the Romanian stakeholders and European energy sector (mainly investors);
  • about 25% from Romanian politics, academia and administration;
  • about 25% of “others” – persons from national and international industry and academia interested in the topic.

The conference’s languages was English and Romanian, with simultaneous translation provided.

Main topics of 2021

Repom’s 12th Energy Day Brasov is picking up here and brings together european administration and energy community in order to discuss measures which deem necessary to reach such goals. REPOM has been organizing Energy Day Brasov since 2008 as a Romanian national conference on energy-related issues with international participation. The focus of this year’s Energy Day Brasov will be on the following topics:

  • How to adopt and finance these goals in the EU and Romania?
  • Which are the plans abroad?
  • What technologies are ready and feasible and what is developing?
  • Green Deal, Fit for 55 Package, Prosumers

Meet the Speakers

Jürgen Ludwig


Brașov Energy Day, the 12th edition will be opened by Mr. Jürgen Ludwig, consultant for REPOM, who will set long-term goals in the context of the European Green Pact

Flavia Boghiu

Brașov Deputy Mayor

This years' edition, Flavia Boghiu, Brașov Deputy Mayor, will keep us updated about the long term & short term strategies of Brașov, a city orientated to grow sustainably

Silviu Costea

President, Chamber of Industry and Commerce Brașov

During the first panel of the Brașov Energy Day conference, the 12th edition, we have invited as Speaker the President of the Brașov Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Silviu

Martin Moise

General Director REPOM

Martin Moise, Director General of REPOM will moderate the first panel of the conference on: The European Green Pact and how do we adapt to the Fit for 55

Viorel Lefter

President PATRES

TheRenewable Energy Producers Organization in Romania is present at the most important conferences dedicated to renewable energy. Viorel Lefter, President of PATRES, will address Panel II and discuss the

Zoltan Nagy-Bege

Vicepresident ANRE

During the first panel of the Brașov Energy Day conference, 12th edition, we have invited as Speaker Mr. Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice President of the National Energy Regulatory Authority, who

Julian Popov

Consultant Climate-KIC

During the first panel of the Brașov Energy Day conference, 12th edition, we have invited as Speaker Mr. Julian Popov, member of the Climate Advisory Council - KIC. Mr. Popov

Iulian Iancu

President of Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council

Panel two looks at the concrete means of transposing the directives of the European Green Pact. Mr. Iulian Iancu, President of the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy

Barbara Saerbeck

Member of AGORA Energiewende

AGORA Energiewende is represented by a group of independent experts dedicated to climate and energy goals set by the European and German political environment. Mrs. Barbara Saerbeck will present

Amalia Stamate

Senior Economist BNR

Leaders in the field are responsible for coordinating the main funding action methodologies and methods to facilitate obtaining financial support. Mrs. Amalia Stamate, Senior Economist at the National Bank

Romulus Mircea

Balance Sheet and Portfolio Management Director Raiffeisen

Raiffeisen, issuer of most green bonds on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in July this year, will have a representative at the Brașov Energy Day conference, 12th edition. Mr. Romulus

Claudiu Butacu

Co-Founder, EFdeN

Claudiu Butacu, co-founder of EFdeN - an ambitious NGO that directs its resources to research and development of the best methods for creating a sustainable urban life - will

Alina Ardelean

General Director ENTERA

Entera, the first producer of 100% aggregate renewable energy, wind and solar, will be the main sponsor of the 12th edition, Brașov Energy Day. Alina Ardelean, General Manager of ENTERA,

Dan Drăgan

State Secretary, Romanian Ministry of Energy

In the opening of the conference Energy Day Brasov, 12th edition, we have invited as Speaker Mr. Dan Dragan, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Energy who will

Viorel Beltechi

CEO Therme Asia and VP for Energy and Engineering

Mr. Viorel Beltechi, CEO of Therme Asia and Vice President for Energy and Engineering, will talk at length about the perspectives of the European Green Pact transposed in Therme's

Radu Mustață

Sales Director, Marsh Romania

Radu Mustață is specialized in the development of statistical modeling and risk analysis solutions in the energy field, through dedicated "analytics" platforms. Mr. Mustață will bring in the center

Zsuzsa Bereschi

Senior Manager, Horváth & Partners Management Consultants

New hydrogen-based technologies - a product of the future for renewable energy that gives rise to new challenges in production and implementation. About Power-to-X and the ways of electricity

Macedon Moldovan

Faculty of Product Design and Environment, Transilvania University Brașov

Transilvania University of Brașov will be present during the Brașov Energy Day will be present during the Brașov Energy Day, 12th edition; its representatives will be prepared with answers

Adrian Tanțău

Faculty of Business Administration, with teaching in foreign languages (FABIZ), Economic Studies Academy, Bucharest

Faculty of Business Administration, with teaching in foreign languages (FABIZ) within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest will be present during the Brașov Energy Day, 12th edition; its representatives

Adrian Tănase

Chief Executive Officer at Bucharest Stock Exchange

In the second panel of the conference, Mr. Adrian Tănase will provide general information on green financing through the capital market. What are the sustainable solutions on the capital

Mihai Mihu

President, Association Creștem România Împreună

Eco.Track is the mobile application that evaluates your carbon footprint, using the concept of green gamification, mainly in terms of your urban mobility. The green miles you make (on

Emanuel Andreana

Head of Sales CryptoDATA Tech

Bank of Energy, smart battery sharing for a cleaner environment will be the theme of interest presented in 3th panel. Mr. Emanuel Andreana, Head of Sales CryptoDATA Tech will


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